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Suppose you are ill and cannot eat the food that is recommended on a particular day's menu? Or, suppose you are out to dinner and end up deviating from the diet because there is nothing available for making appropriate substitutions? How can you get back on the program with the least damage to your weight-loss efforts?

The best way is to go forward to the next day of the Rotation Diet as if nothing happened. Complete the twenty-one days in twenty-one days in spite of any deviations on any given day. Do not lock yourself into a frustrating cycle of starting all over again from Day 1 or attempting to repeat a day's menu over and over again until you get it right. In addition to being frustrating this would work against the nutritional value of the total dietary plan.

No matter what happens, finish the twenty-one days in twenty-one days by going forward on the Rotation Diet, take a break, and you will do better on your second rotation.