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Deep down inside, the real reasons men eat, or overeat, are the same as for women. They like food. It makes them feel good. It is their friend. They too experience the stuff-gain-feel-guilty syndrome that women do, yet do not verbalize their concerns as often and do not admit to compulsive habits as readily. After all, men are big and strong and like to think they are in control of everything. They would lose respect for themselves if they thought they were not in control of their bodies, and even when they know they are not, they act as if they could lose the weight if they really wanted

Women are much quicker to acknowledge that they have a problem, try a self-governing technique, or go for professional help or group support. Men are reluctant to look outside themselves. It generally takes a good bit of prodding to get a man to "go" on a diet or to join a weight-loss group. Although statistics prove that when husbands and wives, or partners, go to class or on a plan together, both parties lose and keep weight off ... it is women who have to instigate the partnership to get their spouses moving.